API Week 1: Preparing non-PHP scripts

by Lars Willighagen


Deliverable: Documentation on how to call external scripts from CakePHP.

Week Summary

I started out this week by figuring out how to call external scripts. To this end, I made an issue in the repository to get some technical information, since I was not the first person planning on using external scripts.

While I waited for an update about that I started working ahead, to next weeks deliverable: a “Functional internal Bibliography API”. This went well, and the result already includes most of the intended features. Next week, I will continue working on the internal server, mainly improving BibTeX support, and link it up to the CakePHP container when possible.

Daily Work Update

# Day Date A short description of the work done
1 Mon 2020/06/01 Finished PR about simple API (!113); started exploring how to call external scripts.
2 Tue 2020/06/02
3 Wed 2020/06/03 Some additional work on !113, opened issue for tool communication (#242)
4 Thu 2020/06/04 Weekly meeting
5 Fri 2020/06/05 Set up a NodeJS docker container for testing
6 Sat 2020/06/06 Created Citation.js server with artifact support (branch)
7 Sun 2020/06/07 Got !113 merged