API Week 3: Making a functional Bibliography REST API

by Lars Willighagen


Deliverable: Functional Component and REST API

Week Summary

This week I worked on making the Bibliography REST API functional. Although the merge request has not been merged yet, most of the work is completed. The main thing left to do is wait for an update in the registry image of CakePHP or, either with changed PHP configuration (allow_url_fopen) or an added php-curl extension and an updated CakePHP version.

As for deliverables, the merge request resolves this week’s deliverable, as well as the first week’s deliverable (writing API development documentation).

Next week I have exams, so especially at the start of the week I will not be able to do much. Later, however, I can.

Daily Work Update

# Day Date A short description of the work done
1 Mon 2020/06/15 Working on BibTeX mappings
2 Tue 2020/06/16
3 Wed 2020/06/17
4 Thu 2020/06/18 Updating CakePHP Docker to use cURL
5 Fri 2020/06/19 Reviewing merge requests
6 Sat 2020/06/20 Making functional Bibliography REST API
7 Sun 2020/06/21