API Week 5: Inscription REST API

by Lars Willighagen


Deliverable: Functional API for inscriptions and annotations

Week Summary

This week was mainly taken up by finishing phase one. Since the task of reviewing merge requests was given priority, I could not really work on new code before the existing code was merged. Given the deliverable, this means I am behind on schedule.

Daily Work Update

# Day Date A short description of the work done
1 Mon 2020/06/29
2 Tue 2020/06/30 Answering emails
3 Wed 2020/07/01 Discussing CakePHP upgrade with mentor, reviewing merge requests (!134)
4 Thu 2020/07/02
5 Fri 2020/07/03 Make merge request for updated catalogue table export, make issue for possibly replacing Citation.js (#282)
6 Sat 2020/07/04
7 Sun 2020/07/05