API: Second Evaluation

by Lars Willighagen



Mainly, a number of API routes were added:

Objectives and Deliverables

Week Objectives Deliverables Status
5 Finish CDLI inscription API Functional API for inscriptions and annotations started
6 Document LD schema Documentation and URIs for the schema of RDF, XML and JSON-LD files started
7 Finish CDLI LD API Functional API for linked data (RDF and JSON-LD) started
8 Finish links to journal system Two-way link between Bibliography API and journal system started

Learning and Success

The Inscription API is mostly a success, but needs some additional features. This involves linking the CDLI-CoNNL-to-CoNNL-U to the framework, as well as using updated authorization code to bar access to non-public inscriptions. A simple Linked Data was made to export all required formats, but additional mappings need to be made for the actual data to be meaningful.


A lot of phase 2 was finishing phase 1, as well as waiting for phase-less merge requests to be merged. On top of that, some of my merge requests require external scripts, and the process to run those is not perfected yet.

Plan update

I will likely have to drop at least some of the additional objectives, mainly the API SDK. Furthermore, some objectives depend on the development of other projects, and I have limited influence on their progress.