Week 2

by Ajit


Week Summary

Started the week with making the suggested changes to link features. Also, improved data validation was added and the features were merged. Apart form this, an additional set of features for linking editors and publications were added. Also, authors data management pages with both admin and public view were completed.

Daily Work Update

# Day Date A short description of the work done
1 Monday 2020/06/08 Improvements for last week’s features. Worked on publications data, add, edit, delete pages (Need testing and related data view).
2 Tuesday 2020/06/09 Further changes to the link features. Adding handling for editors_publications data.
3 Wednesday 2020/06/10 Worked on authors data, add, edit, delete functions (Need testing and related data view).
4 Thursday 2020/06/11 Stuck at data validation for authors_pubications data. (Not able to figure out the bugs).
5 Friday 2020/06/12 Solved bugs for data validation for authors_publications data. Also added data validation to editors_publications.
6 Saturday 2020/06/13 Split PR 116 into smaller PRs for easier error tracking.
7 Sunday 2020/06/14 Fully finished authors data pages with data validation and new database structure.