First Evaluation

by Ajit



Completed a major part of the admin features for managing data the publications and authors data and the association between authors, publications and artifacts.

Objectives and Deliverables

Objectives Associated Deliverables
1 Manage authors data Add, edit and delete functions for the authors pages.
2 Link publications Feature for linking publications with artifacts, editors and authors.
3 Bulk link publications Feature for bulk linking publications to artifacts, authors and editors using CSV files.

Learning and Success

Working on the project has been a great learning experience. My mentors have been very supportive and their inputs have been helpful in improving my work. The team meetings give a good overview of the overall progress of the projects. Looking forward to completing the next tasks.


Since I am new to this field, understanding the data and the table fields has been a bit tough. Though I am trying to understand the database better as the work progresses.

Plan update

The progress has been good and I am comfortably ahead of my initial timeline. Also, additional task of linking editors and publications was completed during the same time. Considering this, I’m planning to continue my pace and take on some additional tasks.