Second Evaluation

by Ajit



Majority of the work involved finishing features for publications table data like add/edit pages and bulk uploads. Also, started work on merge publications feature.

Publications add: screencapture-127-0-0-1-2354-admin-publications-add-2020-07-30-14_43_13

Publication bulk upload: screencapture-127-0-0-1-2354-admin-publications-add-bulk-2020-08-04-21_55_25

Objectives and Deliverables

Objectives Associated Deliverables Status
1 Manage publications data Add/edit pages for the publications data. Completed
2 Bulk upload publications Feature for bulk uploading publications data. Completed
3 Merge Publications feature Feature for merging publications for data cleaup. Ongoing

Learning and Success

Working on these tasks helped me gain a deeper understanding of CakePHP 3 features like its advanced features for saving and retrieving data as well as input forms for the data.


As the features increased in complexity, I got stuck at various points dealing with some errors. Solving these problems was a good learning experience that helped me gain better understanding of the CakePHP framework.

Plan update

Based on the remaining time, and considering the priority of the additional tasks, I will most likely have to drop the additional task for linking remaining entities to publications.