design_integration Eval#1 Week#3

by Samarth


Week Summary

Third week arrives and now framework is like my second home, I’m now familiar with every page as if they are like rooms in my home. I couldn’t help but notice some ‘room’ for improvement in those rooms. So, I spent this week searching and fixing UI/UX issues.

Daily Work Update

# Day Date A short description of the work done
1 Monday 2020/06/15
2 Tuesday 2020/06/16 Opened a new issue for UI/UX fixes
3 Wednesday 2020/06/17 Patch for variable sized table on user’s profile page, solved threads on PR 130
4 Thursday 2020/06/18 Opened a new PR to enhance general UX for the framework
5 Friday 2020/06/19 Fixed issues for table view,container margin for UX-boost PR
6 Saturday 2020/06/20 Found/resolved issue5 and issue6 for the UX-boost PR
7 Sunday 2020/06/21