journals Eval#1

by Nisheal



In the last four week of GSoC milestone 1, I’ve finished the editor dashboard for CDLN and CDLP with article CRUD+display. Now, editors can upload CDLN and CDLP articles. I’ve also implemented MathJax and CKEditor in the framework. Here is overall work status for phase-1

Objectives and Deliverables

# Objectives Associated Deliverables Status(s)
1 Article CRUD Feature for editors to CRUD different types of articles. Complete
2 Article Conversion Backend to convert the editor’s uploaded article to CDLI Standards for display. Complete
3 Article Display Display all the articles at their respective pages and indiviual view for each article. Complete

Learning and Success

Participating in GSoC as a student developer for the second time is a coming out to be a whole new experience. CDLI is a very welcoming organization hence, I’m free to implement my ideas, regular meeting with the organization and my mentor is really productive also helps in quick reviews and better testing. I finished my phase and we have only one critical task left for the project, looking forward to phase2.


Tex to HTML conversion is the heart of the project, it is required to complete that in the most approachable way possible to increase its capabilities. I’m completely new to latex hence, it becomes quite tricky to cover all the latex syntax for the convert, community helps alot in this.

Plan update

The was no actual change in my milestone, I had planned to make CDLN dashboard and reuse all its components for CDLB,CDLP & CDLJ which is what I’ll do it next milestone with an added converter.