journals Eval#2 Week#5

by Nisheal


Week Summary


I”ve passed the evaluation-1 and got really meaningfull reviews from my mentor. I’ve started the milestone 2 of my project earlier and now I’m takeing that on. The main task in this milestine is to convert the latex file into the cdli html template for that we will be making our own converter competing with overleaf latex editor(Probably). We’ll create functions for all the extraction and replacements we have to cover all the posible latex tags.

I’ll be working on the same for the next three weeks.

Daily Work Update

# Day Date A short description of the work done
1 Monday 2020/07/06 worked on PR1’s suggestion
2 Tuesday 2020/07/07 Created Issues and merged PR1
3 Wednesday 2020/07/08 Started working on converted
4 Thursday 2020/07/09 Added funcitions to clean the latex file
5 Friday 2020/07/10 Function to extracted sections & subsection from provided latex file
6 Saturday 2020/07/11 Function to replace latex section and subsection with html
7 Sunday 2020/07/12 Worked on latex figure mapping