journals Eval#2

by Nisheal



I’ve successfully finished my milestone-2 and the core parts of my projects are complete. I’ve made a converter and finished CDLB & CDLJ dashboard where the editors can upload the latex file of the artile and get generated HTML content for the article webview. Display of these articles are also completed

Objectives and Deliverables

# Objectives Associated Deliverables Status(s)
1 Article CRUD Feature for editors to CRUD different types of articles. Complete
2 Article Conversion Backend to convert the editor’s uploaded article to CDLI Standards for display. Complete
3 Article Display Display all the articles at their respective pages and indiviual view for each article. Complete

Learning and Success

Now we have a full fledged dashboard to upload all the articles which CDLI hosts with additional features like conversion, preview and display. Working on latex and extracting the needed contents gave a lot of knowledge of regex and latex experssions.


Managing all the latex tags and creating expressions for global tags where challenging.

Plan update

We are going good with the suggested milestone we’ve completed the core parts of the project. we’ll do data migration of articles from previous dashboard and implement necessary testing mechanisms as suggested in the additional Objectives.