journals Eval#3 Week#12

by Nisheal


Week Summary

This is final week and I’ve finished the deliverables including unit testing, publication linking and the converter. The converter still needs imporvement and I’ve added Image manager to it and further I’ll be adding a bib manager as well that will be last task of my project.

Daily Work Update

# Day Date A short description of the work done
1 Monday 2020/08/24 Improvements to converter
2 Tuesday 2020/08/25 Complete and integrated image manager
3 Wednesday 2020/08/26 Complete and integrated bib manager
4 Thursday 2020/08/27 Complete and integrated linking articles & pubs
5 Friday 2020/08/29 Finishing up the project
6 Saturday 2020/08/30 Finishing up the project
7 Sunday 2020/08/31 Finishing up the project