mobile_app Eval#1 Week#1

by Anila


Welcome of CDLI Blogs.

This page contains reports made for every week.

Week Summary

This week I developed the basics of the CDLI tablet app in Flutter. Its core functionalities include: 1 - Data for each artifact displayed using a PageView class implementation. 2 - The collection of artifacts displayed in a grid list. 3 - Zoomable artifact images. Contents can be shared in other apps.

Daily Work Update

# Day Date A short description of the work done
1 Monday 2020/06/01 Mobile app structure design. PageView class implementation. Fetched data from existing API.
2 Tuesday 2020/06/02 Minor fixes to PageView class. Added a TabBar to the Dashboard.
3 Wednesday 2020/06/03 Displayed data in a grid list. Implemented photo_view package for zoomable image widget.
4 Thursday 2020/06/04 Fixed minor issues.
5 Friday 2020/06/05 Implemented share plugin method. Worked with parsing HTML in Dart and date format. Updated font family.
6 Saturday 2020/06/06 -
7 Sunday 2020/06/07 -