mobile_app Eval#3 Week#11

by Anila


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This page contains reports made for every week.

Week Summary

Worked on some final details on the mobile app. Made adjustments for iOS devices. Fixed the JSON response which will feed contents to the app.

Daily Work Update

# Day Date A short description of the work done
1 Monday 2020/08/10 Fixed JSON respose to return objects by date and ordered. Fixed some details in general.
2 Tuesday 2020/08/11 Fixed back button press error in mobile app using WillPopScope class. Tested the app for different screen sizes.
3 Wednesday 2020/08/12 Set up Cloud Firestore for iOS. Adjusted splash screen for both Android and iOS using flutter_native_splash Dart package.
4 Thursday 2020/08/13 Fixed bottom overflowed error in highlights screen for tablets.
5 Friday 2020/08/14 Minor updates in the mobile app.
6 Saturday 2020/08/15 Fixed highlight images in the app. Added a back navigation button to each view in the admin panel.
7 Sunday 2020/08/16 Updated the sidebar in the mobile app.