mobile_app Eval#3 Week#12

by Anila


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Week Summary

Worked on the framework side, prepared two merge requests for review, fixed a few issues.

Daily Work Update

# Day Date A short description of the work done
1 Monday 2020/08/17 Fixed the linting error in the framework files commits.
2 Tuesday 2020/08/18 Prepared the merge request for review.
3 Wednesday 2020/08/19 Minor fixes/updates in general.
4 Thursday 2020/08/20 Added a date to date search and an action for deleting multiple entries at once.
5 Friday 2020/08/21 Worked on updating multiple entries option.
6 Saturday 2020/08/22 Updates in views/controllers.
7 Sunday 2020/08/23 Updates overall. Added instructions for framework installation on Windows 10 Home using WSL 2 backend.
8 Monday 2020/08/24 Updated table structure and inserted data for existing entries. Fixed image display and parsed HTML tags in descriptions.
9 Tuesday 2020/08/25 Added zooming effect to the artifact images.