mobile_app Eval#3

by Anila



In the past four weeks I worked on some final details and fixed some issues regarding the web admin interface. I implemented some additional functionalities in the mobile app and updated the layout for a better UX. I tested the mobile app and prepared the merge request for review.

Objectives and Deliverables

No. Objective A short description of the work done
1 Admin panel Imported the existing data in the database table. Fixed image upload action, authentication, and views.
2 Mobile app Integrated Flutter with Firebase to complete a Help and Feedback form. Updated the app layout.
3 Tests Tested the mobile app in different devices.

Learning and Success

Briefly outline what you have learned and the sucesses you have achieved.


Briefly outline roadblocks and difficulties you have enountered.

Plan update

Explain here how your results will influence the planning of the rest of the program.