numerals Eval#3 Week#10

by Logan


Week Summary

All visualization modules now support filtering by custom corpus. Data format updated to use one data file per document, for faster data generation and easier recovery of P-numbers from the data. Tables now link to CDLI search showing the texts which contain the data displayed in the visualization. All components except similar item view now support the new data format. API load times are much better if the user specifies a small corpus, but still tedious if the corpus is large.

Daily Work Update

# Day Date A short description of the work done
1 Monday 2020/06/01 Continued helping Himanshu with Docker. Refactor data generation to make it easier to generate data for a single file (remove default parameters that assume corpus-sized input; remove assumption that corpus will be from the Girsu data).
2 Tuesday 2020/06/02 Refactor data to include P-numbers; now have one data file per text. Link to CDLI search from concordance module.
3 Wednesday 2020/06/03 Refactor histogram, concordance, collocation, and descriptor views to use new data format.
4 Thursday 2020/06/04 Refactor graph views to use new data format. Make and share file upload demo in flask to help Himanshu.
5 Friday 2020/06/05 Refactor similar items view to use new data format. Remove deprecated API endpoints that dealt with old data format.
6 Saturday 2020/06/06
7 Sunday 2020/06/07