Week 1

by Mustafa Dhar


Week Summary

I started out first week of the coding period by integration of 3D Viewer to cdli framework in CakePHP and by integration I mean:

:point_right: Getting structure of 3D viewer Page ready.

:point_right: Adding 3D viewer code in framework.

:point_right: Converting the added code to CakePHP friendly.

With a learning curve over CakePHP, docker, and some github command too I was able to complete my first-week deliverable i.e. 3D Viewer up on framework with error in loading 3D models.

Daily Work Update

# Day Date A short description of the work done
1 Monday 2021/06/07 -
2 Tuesday 2021/06/08 :octocat: Added Controller for 3D Viewer in cakephp.
3 Wednesday 2021/06/09 :octocat: Added testing page in templates for 3D Viewer.
:octocat: Created route to 3D Viewer page.
4 Thursday 2021/06/10 :octocat: Added HTML 3D Viewer code in testing page to render 3D Viewer.
:octocat: Added and linked all required javascript and css files.
5 Friday 2021/06/11 :octocat: Converted 3D Viewer files to cakePHP.
6 Saturday 2021/06/12 :octocat: Converted 3D Viewer files to cakePHP.
7 Sunday 2021/06/13 -