Week 3

by Mustafa Dhar


Week Summary


This is 3rd week of the GSoC 10 week journey, I’ve finished much of my deliverables and doing improvements on it.

For this week was working on the responsiveness of the 3D viewer, which was a challenge for me as 3D Viewer was not just up with CSS also in backend rendering process of the 3D model was happening, so for changing the size of the viewer according to viewport I made a function which on-call resizes width and hight of the viewer. This function was called on every time rendering 3D model.

Daily Work Update

# Day Date A short description of the work done
1 Monday 2021/06/21 :octocat: Changed 3D viewer background color to black.
2 Tuesday 2021/06/22 :octocat: Aligned model loading GIF and text to center of the viewer.
3 Wednesday 2021/06/23 :octocat: Replaced container class to canvas in 3dviewer.scss and InteractiveViewer.js as it was interrupting with main.scss.
4 Thursday 2021/06/24 :octocat: Added media query for small screen.
5 Friday 2021/06/25 :octocat: Added resize function in InteractiveViewer.js to resize viewer according to view port.
6 Saturday 2021/06/26
7 Sunday 2021/06/27