Week 5

by Aradhana Kund


Week Summary

I started with adding accordions for js and no-js in the common accordion sass file. Restructured the code for no-js dropdown so as to contain one single code snippet for js and no-js instead of having noscript separately. Also restructured the code for resources page and admin dashboard so as to have a common code for small and large screens . Finally I implemented the 404 page as well as the ABOUT US page .

Daily Work Update

# Day Date A short description of the work done
1 Monday 2021/07/05 Added accordion for no-js and js
2 Tuesday 2021/07/06 Improved footer styling.
3 Wednesday 2021/07/07 Made the no-js dropdown work for all the pages.
4 Thursday 2021/07/08 Restructured the resources page code so as to have single code for small and large screens.
5 Friday 2021/07/09 Removed pr discrepancies related to the resources page and admin dashboard
6 Saturday 2021/07/10 Implemented 404 page.
7 Sunday 2021/07/11 Implemented about us page.