First Evaluation

by Aradhana Kund



I have successfully completed the 1st evaluation. The following tasks were accomplished by me :

Objectives and Deliverables

# Objectives Associated Deliverables Status
1 Admin Dashboard Implemented the mobile/tab and destop view of admin dashboard :heavy_check_mark:
2 Resources Page Implemented the mobile/tab and destop view of resources page :heavy_check_mark:
3 Periods page Implemented the mobile/tab and destop view of periods page :heavy_check_mark:
4 404 page Implemented 404 page. :heavy_check_mark:
5 No js dropdown Fixed no-js dropdown issue (reduced the code by removing extra noscript and adding script) :heavy_check_mark:
6 New accordions Created new accordions. :heavy_check_mark:
7 Resources page header Resources Page Header dropdown and side nav implemented ( Raised the pr but as per the workflow decided , it will be merged after the no-js dropdown and side nav pr is merged ) . :heavy_check_mark:
8 Footer Styling Minor footer styling issues . :heavy_check_mark:
9 About us Prepared first skeleton of about us . :man_technologist:

Learning and Success

Working on this project, I learnt :


My code worked fine but wasnot optimised . So, I faced difficulty at beginning and then learnt how to write organized code so that it fits for all views in one skeleton . Implemented “MOBILE FIRST APPROACH” and got a proper grip on it .

Plan update

Further I will be working on extra milestones , like improvising the accessibility of accordions , modifying single artifact view , working on common templates .