Week 7

by Aradhana Kund


Week Summary

This week I primarily worked on implementing the about us end section as well as the OUR STORY timeline. The tough part was making it without js. Apart from that I also worked on creating the documentation ( browse page and periods page ).

Daily Work Update

# Day Date A short description of the work done
1 Monday 2021/07/26 Implemented the agencies section of about us page
2 Tuesday 2021/07/27 Created the our story timeline web view
3 Wednesday 2021/07/28 Created the our story timeline mobile view
4 Thursday 2021/07/29 Made it no-js accessible
5 Friday 2021/07/30 Created browse page documentation
6 Saturday 2021/07/31 Created the periods page documentation
7 Sunday 2021/08/01 -