First Evaluation

by Somil Jain



The first phase was really thrilling and helped me alot to learn. I worked on varoius aspects of Admin as well as user side of frame work, checked for disperancies, dived deeper for research, made mockups,framed the prototypes and redesigned shortcomings discovered in user testing. I have used Useberry for user testing and understanding of user flows and finally helped developers in implementing designs.

Objectives and Deliverables

# Objectives Associated Deliverables
1 Admin Dashboard Admin dashboard Web & Mobile UI, Raw image scan UI and user flow
2 Journal Integration Single Article default view, user flow of integrated OJS system & Journal’s Index page for Admins and User side
3 Resource page Easy naviagation flow, quick links and Resource page UI
4 Common template for Edit, Add form pages for different entities Accesibility research for forms, Forms UI and quick option of adding another entitiy while editing something
5 404 page Designed 404 page
6 About us page About us, Our story page and logo assests of our funding partners
7 Artifact page Associated visual assets UI, revamping summary on basis of eye tracking

Learning and Success

In last couple of weeks I have learnt :


Major difficulty, I felt was on user side web as well as mobile design, because there we had restriction of NO JS users, I designed and improvised them various times to enhance User experience.