Second Evaluation

by Somil Jain



After successfully completing the 1st evaluation. The following tasks were accomplished by me :

Objectives and Deliverables

# Objectives Associated Deliverables Status
1 Single Artifact Designed the mobile/tab and destop view of Artifact page. :heavy_check_mark:
2 Search Enhanced the search functionality experience, added uqnu,show text, delete text and advanced options in web as well as mobile view. :heavy_check_mark:
3 Citation Designed citation for 3 different formats on single article page. :heavy_check_mark:
4 Full image of an artifact Did user research and designed full image with transliteration as default mode along with image isolation mode. :heavy_check_mark:
5 Review process Introduced a section for reviews on single article page. :heavy_check_mark:
6 3D model viewer Introduced shortcut keys for interaction with a 3D model. :heavy_check_mark:
7 Single entity pages Designed single entity pages with reading experience testing for public as well as admin side, which also included delete process. :heavy_check_mark:
8 Login/Signup Enhanced onboarding experience existing register and login page. :heavy_check_mark:

Learning and Success

I have learnt following :


I faced some difficulties while working on NO Javascript designs also, I wasn’t familiar with audience, so initially it was very difficult for me to empathize but finally with weekly held design meetings and interviews helped me to overcome them.

Plan update

I am planning to contribute more in CDLI after the GSoC as well, by implementing the designs which are not implemented yet. Also I am documenting the every design decisions so future contributors can refer them.