Week 2

by Daksh Paleria


Week Summary

This week i worked around the backend part of my project. I worked on developing the images table and finalizing the attributes which are required to go up in the database. Had a discussion with mustafa regrding the information of 3D Viewer and RTI which is supposed to go in the tables. Finalized the table and started coding a script to help us in populating our database.

Daily Work Update

# Day Date A short description of the work done
1 Monday 2021/06/14
2 Tuesday 2021/06/15 Prepared images table and discussed it with the mentors on #87
3 Wednesday 2021/06/16
4 Thursday 2021/06/17 Discussed with Mustafa about 3D Viewer information which is supposed to go in tables.
5 Friday 2021/06/18 Attended the weekly meeting to give the finalized table.
6 Saturday 2021/06/19 Finalized on how to approach regarding populating the table.
7 Sunday 2021/06/20 Worked in developing a python script to help us in creating a json.