Week 3

by Daksh Paleria


Week Summary

This week my task was to code a pyhton script which could help us gather all the necessary informations and save it in an json file. Since the json was exceding the limits, i decided with my mentors that csv could be much better option as the data is flat data. After mutilple discussions, reviews i got to know about the folder structure and changes my script to suit the needs.

Daily Work Update

# Day Date A short description of the work done
1 Monday 2021/06/21 Got the review of the script from mentor, fixed it accordingly.
2 Tuesday 2021/06/22
3 Wednesday 2021/06/23 Added a few more key values pairs in phton script so that we can store more information in JSON and in tables.
4 Thursday 2021/06/24 Tested out the script for web server, made some necessary changes.
5 Friday 2021/06/25 Attended the weekly meeting and decided to approach the results in csv format or multidimensional JSON Array.
6 Saturday 2021/06/26 Maded the changes in script so that we can dump data in CSV format.
7 Sunday 2021/06/27