First Evaluation

by Daksh Paleria



Done with 4 objectives in the first phase of GSoC. Working on creating, dockerizing python script, design pages, standard templates, populating the tables.

Objectives and Deliverables

# Objectives Associated Deliverables
1 Desgin Pages Worked on designing the pages which are getting used in my projects. Getting them reviewed from design team and mentors. The design can be found here
2 Creating, Dockerizing Python Script Worked on python script which will help us in dumping necessary information in CSV, due to dependencies differences I was supposed to dockerize the script.
3 Populating Tables The tables were then populated with some test data using our python script which dumped the CSV.
4 Generate Standard Templates, Controllers Worked on creating some standard templates, controllers and then fitting our custom methods into it.

Learning and Success

I have never used docker, cake php at this large scale, so this was a good learning for me. Since we have used a pyhton script I also got to know more about how python script works and how can we give more freedom to the user by customizing it with different libraries.


I faced a few difficulties in docker while I was palnning to put my script in main project folder, cake php conventions were a bit new to me so that took quite a time to catch hold.

Plan update

I am little bit behind my planned schedule, so I will pacing up and try to cover the objectives that are set for next week.