Second Evaluation

by Yashraj Desai



The second phase of my GSoC journey was challenging and a great learning curve for me.
It consisted following two major objectives :

1. Images and Transliteration Filter

This objective was accomplished by creating a new index of images table and adding Elasticsearch queries which would filter images according to different image types. This also includes managing access according to individual images for different users and displaying the results accordingly.

2. Search inscriptions with sign value permutation

This objective was accomplished by initially populating the sign_names field of latest inscriptions in the inscriptions table of the database using jtf-lib. When user performs a search in Transliteration Permutation field of Advanced Search, the sign values are converted to sign-names using jtf-lib container and search is performed using these sign names and sign values. I also made the input flexible which enables users to search with both utf8 and ascii characters.

Objectives and Deliverables

# Objectives Associated Deliverables
1 Images and Transliteration Filter Users can apply filters such as RTI Image, Transliterations, 3D Data, etc. and get search results according to the access granted to them.
2 Search inscriptions with sign value permutation When a user will search for sign values in Transliteration Permutation field of Advanced search, all possible sign values with matching sign names of the query will be returned as search result.
3 Input flexibility enhancements Users will have the flexibility to search with both UTF-8 and ASCII characters in inscription search.
4 Enable search for list of Id’s Users can search for list of id’s seperated by commas in Identification Numbers fields of both simple and advanced search.
5 Format transliteration on single artifact page Formatted transliteration will be displayed on single artifact page under the Inscriptions tab.

Learning and Success


Populating the sign_names field of entire inscriptions table containing more than 0.4 million records using the response form jtf-lib container was quite a challenging task. With the guidance of my amazing mentors and fellow mentees we were able to accomplish this objective.

Future Plan