Week 8

by Apoorva Agarwal


Week Summary

Hola, by the end of week 7 single article web view was implemented and database connection was made with the required ojs tables models in cdli framework. Initially this week I made single article view dynamic and made changes to it told by emilie. Then I wrote raw sql queries to create relations between ojs tables to extract required data for single article web view. By the end of the week we discussed on using directly models to create relations between tables and extract data. Thus I worked on creating relations between models and implemented review page design in journals web view.

Daily Work Update

# Day Date A short description of the work done
1 Monday 2021/08/02 made single article web view dynamic(linked it to sql)
2 Tuesday 2021/08/03 made changes told by emilie to single article web view
3 Wednesday 2021/08/04 writing queries to combine data from different tables for single article review
4 Thursday 2021/08/05 wrote sql raw queries to create relations between ojs tables
5 Friday 2021/08/06 worked on using directly models instead of raw queries for creating relations between tables
6 Saturday 2021/08/07 debug error while creating download link
7 Sunday 2021/08/08 Implemented single article review page design