Final Evaluation

by Apoorva Agarwal



I’ve successfully finished my milestones and all its deliverables . The following tasks were accomplished by me :

Objectives and Deliverables

# Objectives Associated Deliverables Status
1 Ojs Database Connection Setup Ojs Database Connection and create relations between ojs models :heavy_check_mark:
2 Write command script to move ojs submissions to cdli Command script that will run hourly and move reviewed ojs submissions to cdli database :heavy_check_mark:
3 Designing single article view Remove header from latex convertor and design single article web view page :heavy_check_mark:
4 Displaying reviewers endorsements Develop review page to display reviewers endorsements on article web page :heavy_check_mark:

Learning and Success

Working on the project has been a great learning experience. My mentor has been very supportive and his inputs have been helpful in improving my work. The team meetings give a good overview of the overall progress of the projects. I like that there is always something new to learn. Few things which I learnt in phase 2 of GSoC are:

I successfully finished my GSoC and looking forward to contribute more to CDLI.


Setting up ojs database connection and creating relations between models was most important part of this phase and while working on it I got stuck at various points. My mentor helped alot in this. Solving those problems was a good learning experience that helped me gain better understanding of relations between tables .

Plan update

I will be working on creating documentation for the complete ojs workflow and publishing the submissions. Apart from this I will be working on my additional objectives like citations for articles, oAuth integration , ORCID integration and CI/CD pipelines.