First Evaluation

by Vishv Kakadiya



Got done with 3 objectives alomst. dockerized uqnu and its services. JTF-lib integration and fetch logic in uqnu so ATF can be fatched from URL through framework API.

Objectives and Deliverables

# Objectives Associated Deliverables
1 Framework integration Integrated JTF API and web application run in a framework docker container.
2 Accessibility Made web application accessible via a framework URL.
3 JTF-LIB Integration PR has not merged yet

Learning and Success

I never experienced docker and cakePHP at this Scale. I have learned docker in depth and brushed my JS. I successfully able to completed tasks releted to docker and containerization.


I have faced bit difficulties in CakePHP. I never really worked on that part. Creating and handling API is quite tough in this.

Plan update

I am little bit behind the schedule so I am planning to spend more time on next week so i can ramp up fast and get done with the remaining tasks.