Week 6

by Vishv Kakadiya


Week Summary

So this week I started of with resolving bugs and later on I have worked on new Route in JTF-lib for getting signnames back. and then as we decided in the meeting I’ll be working on routes on Node side(JTF-lib) to update ATF & JTF.

Daily Work Update

# Day Date A short description of the work done
1 Monday 2021/07/19 Bug resolving in routes
2 Tuesday 2021/07/20 create a new route for yashraj to convert ATFtoSignNames
3 Wednesday 2021/07/21 -
4 Thursday 2021/07/22 shifted logic to Node JS to update ATF & JTF
5 Friday 2021/07/23 Had a meet with mentor and yashraj
6 Saturday 2021/07/24 Work on documentation
7 Sunday 2021/07/25 -