Week 8

by Vishv Kakadiya


Week Summary

This week, I have started with creating route for Signnames from ATFLINE so yashraj can use that. Also Created Vitual dir(reverse-proxy) for JTF-lib. now all its routes are accessible thorugh framework’s URL /jtf-lib/api/. Also this week uqnu was getting crashed after new updates in jtf-lib. we later on realized it was express that causing an issue for react app. Then I have added patch with two different script so It can work as a npm dependency and as a container too.

Daily Work Update

# Day Date A short description of the work done
1 Monday 2021/08/02 Had a meeting with yashraj
2 Tuesday 2021/08/03 create a route for ATFLINE to singnames
3 Wednesday 2021/08/04 Worked on reverse-proxy for JTF-lib
4 Thursday 2021/08/05 Tried to resolve app crash error in uqnu
5 Friday 2021/08/06 Fixed express errors and added a patch in JTF-lib
6 Saturday YYYY/MM/DD Code restructure and patch 2.0
7 Sunday YYYY/MM/DD -