Second Evaluation

by Vishv Kakadiya



After successfully completing the 1st evaluation. The following tasks were accomplished by me :

Objectives and Deliverables

# Objectives Associated Deliverables
1 JTF-LIB Integration JTF API integration with the framework’s public API & JTF output function in the API.
2 SignNames routes in JTF-lib Implementend Signnames routes in JTF-lib for getting Signnames from ATF/JTF.
3 Fixing major bugs in uqnu Fixed the app crashing issue

Learning and Success

I have learned key things like How NPM dependency work and things to keep in mind while working it as a saprate entity and as a package.


I faced some difficulties while working on CakePHP and JTF-lib as a npm package in uqnu.

Plan update

Storing ATF/JTF in database through uqnu is next on my to-do list and adding more features in uqnu.