Week 1

by Mohit Sharma


Week Summary

Improve Accordion focus rings and Accessibility for Default Page Layout’s i.e Header and Footer, Test framework UI/UX on Internet Explorer.

Daily Work Update

# Day Date A short description of the work done
1 Monday 2021/06/07 Improve Accordion focus rings to appear for keyboard interactions only
2 Tuesday 2021/06/08 Test Default Page Layout, Homepage and Periods page using screen reader (NVDA) and AxeDev Tools
3 Wednesday 2021/06/09 Fix Side Menubar (to not get focus when closed), CDLI logo and twitter button focus ring
4 Thursday 2021/06/10 Provide alternative for missing Pagination numbers
5 Friday 2021/06/11 Improve Accessibility for Default Page Layout i.e Header and Footer
6 Saturday 2021/06/12 Test Internet Explorer UX and Researched about CSS alternatives not supported by it
7 Sunday 2021/06/13 Testing, Implementing additional suggested changes and Weekly Design meet