First Evaluation

by Mohit Sharma



In the last five weeks of my internship milestone 1, I’ve improved the framework UI/UX on Internet Explorer by providing alternative to CSS grid properties and variables, Setup google Tag manager (Add custom tags and properties) and configure google analytics (Add new Non Javascript Property) to track non javascipt users, Check Accessibility for Default Page Layout’s i.e Header and Footer using NVDA screen reader and Axe Dev Tools.

Objectives and Deliverables

# Objectives Associated Deliverables issue(s) Status
1 Internet Explorer Support Improve Compatibility of framework in Internet Explorer for it’s users #500 Completed
2 Track No JS Users Track users visits with Javascript disabled in Google Analytics #499 Completed
3 Web Accessibility Testing web pages using screen reader and Axe DevTool and improving web accessibility by following WCAG guidelines #611 Completed

Learning and Success

Working with CDLI as my first internship is really amazing and new experience for me. CDLI is a very welcoming organization hence, I’m free to implement my ideas, regular meeting with the organization. My mentors are really productive also helps in quick reviews and better testing which helps me to complete my tasks before time.


Tracking non javascript users in google analytics was quite a tricky part cause I am new to analytics, I have to google tag manager noscript tag and provide custom tags in it which calls when the user visiting have javascript disabled. Previously, framework UI/UX on internet explorer is quite messy so I have to provide CSS alternatives for all the framework which is also bit time consuming.

Plan update

The was no actual change in my milestone, I had planned to work on Staff and Posting forms and Automating Accessibility Tests. Looking forward to milestone 2.