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The documents in this section will evolve into a full fledged documentation site during the course of the project. In the meantime, these notes will accompany the research process. For an overview of the material at disposal, also look at the MTAAC research folder. (See below)

MTAAC project folder

The tree below is from a snapshot taken on 2017/07/27, it shows the contents of the MTAAC Google docs project folder. It is currently restricted to members of the project.

Any information stored in this folder should end up either being archived or ported to this project documentation.

├── Annotations

  Any information related to annotations, tagsets, existing material and examples, tests, etc should be put here.

│   ├── Numerals

  Here one can find Bob Englund’s document concerning numerals and administrative practices in the Ur III period.

│   └── ORACC & ETCSL material

  All of the material, code and data, of previous experiments and work on the morphology of Sumerian, mainly ORACC ETCSRI and ETCSL.

│       ├── ETCSL with bound attribute from J. Eberling

  Copy of the ETCSL corpus in xml format with bound attribute (morphological tags) and tags extracted.

│       ├── ETCSL w/o bound, in conll-u format processed by C. Chiarcos

  A conll-u converted version of ETCSL

│       ├── GATE ETCSL repository snapshot from A. Roberts

  This folder contains the full GATE material including documentation on the morphological tags.

│       ├── Gate experiment by M. Sukhareva

  Input and output example of the GATE module.

│       └── ORACC Sumerian material extracted by C. Chiarcos

  Extracted Sumerian documents from ORACC and converted to the conll-u format.

├── Archives
├── Articles, Conferences and Meetings

  This folder contains a subfolder for each event we are preparing for. There is also a PPT template to use for presentations.

│   ├── 2017 08 DH Network
│   ├── 2017 08 Latech ACL
│   └── 2018 09 CSMS
├── Bibliography

  At this time, this folder contains a subfolder with some of the article in the bibliography and a document with more information about how the bibliography is organized. The list of titles lives on Zotero at this url: https://www.zotero.org/groups/578266/mtaac/items; Add any titles necessary as you go and put a copy of the file in the folder to share. Tags should be applied uniformly and all bibliographic entries cleaned.

│   └── files
├── Infrastructure

  This folder concerns anything related to the servers, network, mirrors, database, etc.

│   ├── Data model (Phoenix)
│   └── Interface
├── Planning

  Long term planning material is found here, in particular the full workplan, tasks lists milestones, etc.

└── Pre-processing

  Anything related to pre-processing (homogenization of the corpus pre-annotation and tools to work with the unannotated textual information), including sign and word tokens lists, the lexicon, preferred readings, etc.

    ├── archives
    ├── ATF Checker
    └── token lists archive

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