Intro for editors

Quick steps to prepare a doc

To add a new documentation page to this site:

  1. Create your doc page in the markdown format with the markdown extension (.md)
  2. Upload your file in the pages/cat/ folder (make sure it has a unique name)
  3. Add your page to the menu in _data/sidebars/home_sidebar.html
  4. Wait two minutes and check that all is in order

YAML header

For your doc to work properly, it must have a YAML header. You can check out the other docs to use as a model or copy and paste this block at the head of your file:

title: Title here
  nav: "research" || guide || cdli
permalink: /cat_nameofmyfile.html

The permalink field must contain the name of your markdown file with the extension removed and with .html added.

The Markdown format

The markdown format is a simplified markup that can easily be converted to html. Basically, you write your doc in plain text and add structure elements to minimally style the content, eg. # in front of a title will make it into “Header 1” format. Markdown syntax is very simple, see this link for a list of structure elements: GitHub markdown basic syntax guide. If you have have questions or need assistance, get in touch with Émilie Pagé-Perron.

Émilie Pagé-Perron