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Lagasz II Pirigme
1 mu pirig-me3 ensi2 Year Pirigme (became) governor (not attested)
a mu en nina{ki} ba-gub-ba Year in which the en-priest was installed in Nina (AnOr 30 p. 10 4: 2)
b mu sagszu-pirig-me3 {d}nin-gir2-su ba-dim2-ma Year in which the pirigme-headdress was made for Ningirsu (AnOr 30 p. 8 15; RTC 256)
c mu ki-sur-ra ba-tag4-a Year in which Kisurra was abandoned (AnOr 30 p. 8 16)
d mu esz2-gan2-lugala sza3 gir2-su{ki}-ke4 ba-ta-e3 Year the royal measuring rope of the fields kept in Girsu was brought out (ASJ 10 31, AnOr 30 p. 74)
e mu {gisz}kesz2-ra2 abul {d}ba-ba6-ka ba-du3-a Year in which the bonds (of the doors) of the great gate of (the temple of) Baba were built (AnOr 30 p. 8 16)
f mu iszib-{d}nin-gir2-su masz-e i3-pad3-da Year in which the iszib-priest of Ningirsu was chosen by means of the omens (AnOr 30 p. 10 3 5)