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Diyala: Nerebtum, Ichcali King unknown
a mu a-lam ku3-sig17 e2-{d}en.zu u3 e2-{d}en-lil2 ba-dim2 Year golden statues were made for the temple of Sin and the temple of Enlil
b mu alan ku3-sig17 e2-{d}en-lil2 u3 {d}e2-a ba-dim2 Year statues in gold were made for the temple of Enlil and the temple of Ea (Greengus, Iszali 23 n. 3)
c mu a-lum ku3-sig17 Year a statue in gold (Greengus, Iszali 23 n. 1)
d mu 1 alan {na4}asz-{nu}nu11-gal 2 alan zabar Year one statue in alabaster and 2 statues in bronze (Greengus, Iszali 24 n. 6)
e mu 2 alan ... Year 2 statues (Greengus, Iszali 25 n. 11)
g mu bad3 ... Year the wall (Greengus, Iszali 25 n. 16)
i mu {gisz}gu-za bara2 mah ... {d}adad ... Year the magnificent throne dais for Adad (Greengus, Iszali 29 n. 29)
l mu us2-sa ia-ri-im-li-im ba-ug7 Year after the year Iarim-lim died (Greengus, Iszali 31 n. 35)
m mu i-ba-al-pi-el ba-ug7 Year Ibal-pi-El died (Greengus, Iszali 31 n. 36)
n mu syi2-la-kum ... a-na ki-di-im ... ... Year the canal syilakkum .... outside... (Greengus, Iszali 34 n. 56)
o mu ... lugal? e2 ad-da-ni ba-an-ku4 Year ..... the king entered in the house of his father (Greengus, Iszali 32 n. 42)