Introduction to the research process documentation

Introduction to MTAAC

The MTAAC project develops and applies new computerized methods to translate and analyze the contents of some 67,000 highly standardized administrative documents from southern Mesopotamia (ancient Iraq) from the 21st century BC. Our methodology, which combines machine learning with statistical and neural machine translation technologies, can then be applied to other ancient languages. This methodology, the translations, and the historical, social and economic data extracted from them, will be offered to the public in open access.

The CDLI Framework Update project is a synergetic project concerned with the complete overhaul of the CDLI platform whewre we store and display our data.

Overview of the research process

Our deliverables

Our code rests on Github at:



Our private Google drive lives here (staff only):

Tasks Tracking and Issues

We are keeping track of tasks using GitHub issues. We also have a Kaban board to sort the tasks and a Gantt chart to track them over time. Each user assigned to a task is responsible for keeping their issue(s) updated.

Creating a new issue on GitHub uses a template that contains keywords which will enable the issue to be displayed on the Gantt chart.


All tasks that directly affect MTAAC will go into this repository. Virtualization and mirroring of the CDLI servers will live here too.

Tasks (in the form of GitHub issues):


All tasks that pertain to the development of the CDLI software platform except high-level design should appear here. Any problems with CDLI in its current version (2017-2018) should also appear here.

Tasks (in the form of GitHub issues):