MTAAC and CDLI Documentation

This documentation site was created as part of the MTAAC project to document its research process and tool development and to supplement the code and data deliverables with extensive explanations and walkthrough to encourage our colleagues to reuse our work. Additions and maintenance is provided by CDLI staff.

Participants in the project and contributors to this documentation are:

  • Émilie Pagé-Perron
  • Christian Chicarcos
  • Ilya Khait
  • Lucas Reckling
  • Jayanth Jayanth
  • Pouya Lajevardi
  • Prashant Rajput
  • Maria Sukhareva
  • Robert K. Englund
  • Heather D. Baker

The documentation is currently under development so please bear with us and send us a message using the “Feedback” link in the top navigation bar if you have questions.

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This documentation website has two major sections:

MTAAC research process

This section discusses the MTAAC research process in detail, explaining design decisions, technology choices, and our processing workflow.

CDLI & MTAAC Docs, User guides, and tutorials

This section provides users with guides to using the technology and data produced by the project, and specific information on how the CDLI software is designed, how it works, and how to exploit it fully.