Data and Tools list


  • Daily transliterations dump from cdli
  • Daily text metadata dump from cdli
  • Manually annotated morphology gold corpus
  • Syntactically pre-annotated texts
  • RDF Ur III texts
  • Data preprared fro SMT
  • MTAAC and Framework Google drive

Converters and checkers

  • metadata converter (CSV to TTL-RDF)
  • C-ATF to CDLI-CoNLL converter
  • ATF to TEI
  • Morphology pre-annotation tool
  • CDLI-CoNLL to CoNLL-U converter
  • CoNLL-U to Brat standalone converter
  • Brat standalone to CDLI-CoNLL converter
  • Conll2rdf
  • CDLI version of PyOracc (unfinished)
  • JTF ATF checker (unfinished)
  • ATF Normalizer
  • ETCSRI corpus (metadata and annorations) to RDF
  • CDLI data conversion for MT ingestion
  • CoNLL merge


  • Syntax parser ?
  • Syntax pre-annotator

ML Tools and and Other Tools

  • ATF parser?
  • SRL tool for Sumerian
  • Translation pipeline (POS and NE tagging, ATF in, ATF with translation ATF out, and POS/NE CoNLL out)
  • NMT (Summer 2019)
  • New MT models (Summer 2020)

Visualization, search, browse

  • Annotation assistant (for manual annotators)
  • CDLI new framework (alpha)
  • Multilayer annotation query tool CQP4RDF
  • Viz and manipulate CoNLL-U syntax
  • Commodities visualization
  • CTS Server
  • Scaife viewer
  • CDLI Framework API client

Émilie Pagé-Perron